Jellyfish Highway is postindustrial bioluminescence, we're abyssal gigantism. We are a press for work that floats and undulates and lingers and stings, literature that shines from the deepest blue.

We will open for free submissions again soon. If you want to help us meet financial needs of using Submittable and costs, you may certainly choose the Tip Jar option. All money received goes directly to paying writers and supporting the press. 

We are on Twitter at @JHighwayPress

We want full-length books of fiction (novels, collections), poetry, or nonfiction. We are particular interested in novels at the moment, but also want to see work from diverse voices in poetry and short prose. 

We'll say this upfront: we want books from underrepresented voices. We want books from women and gender non-conforming people, people of color, LGBTQ writers, and differently-abled people. If this is you, please, send us your work. These works will receive priority and interest. 

Submit a finished, full-length or manuscript. Include a cover letter that details the genre (novel, poetry collection, etc.) and a bit about the work and you. We are especially interested in novels at the moment. We look for vibrance in language and are very interested in works that eschew the traditional in content, form, or voice. 

Is your work postindustrial bioluminescence? Send it to us. 

Free submissions are closed right now while we catch up. But, if you really want to drop us a manuscript, and you want to drop us some dollars (we promise: any money goes straight to building the press and paying authors), that's cool with us. 

Send your full-length books. Fiction (novels, collections), nonfiction, poetry. 

This does not ensure quicker reply or influence the process.

The Associate Editor works alongside the Co-Publishers in the editorial process with a manuscript. This includes acquisitions, editing/copyediting, and layout/design. Knowledge and skill with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop is essential. Will also work with the Marketing Editor on publicity. 

The Associate Editor will manage submissions and make recommendations for acquisitions and will work closely with the Co-Publishers in developing publication plans for new books. This position also requires management of the editorial team, which includes assigning submissions, communicating with editors on manuscripts in contention, and working with editors to ensure timely responses. 

Duties include:
  • Submitting JHP titles for review and curating review markets
  • Communicating with review markets and reviewers to keep track of promotions
  • Generating and curating promotional/publicity plans for JHP books
  • Manages publicity in social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Arranging blurbs, interviews, and other promotional material for books, as well as working with JHP authors in publicity plans
Want to work with JHP in some capacity other than reading/editing manuscript submissions? Pitch us something. Send a cover letter/letter of interest and tell us: 
  • about you—what's interesting or fun or intriguing
  • why you want to work with us and what you hope to do
  • experience
  • time commitment (approximate)—how much time can you dedicate to JHP? 

Book editors read and evaluate manuscripts submitted to JHP. Ideally, this person will be interested in copyediting and editing accepted manuscripts. Book editors may also pitch any additional roles they wish to take on with the press—we are particularly interested in folks that want to work on social media, promotion, marketing, etc.

Submit a cover letter/letter of interest here. Tell us about you. What you're into. What you most recently read and loved. Give us a sense of what you want to do for us. How you'd like to be involved. Also, we need a sense of how much time you're able to reasonably commit. We'd like to have you volunteer 5 hours/week. If that seems like something you can do, let us know. 

This position is volunteer, fyi. We wish we could pay, and perhaps that will become a reality in the future, but we all are working on a volunteer basis.