Book editors read and evaluate manuscripts submitted to JHP. Ideally, this person will be interested in copyediting and editing accepted manuscripts. Book editors may also pitch any additional roles they wish to take on with the press—we are particularly interested in folks that want to work on social media, promotion, marketing, etc.

Submit a cover letter/letter of interest here. Tell us about you. What you're into. What you most recently read and loved. Give us a sense of what you want to do for us. How you'd like to be involved. Also, we need a sense of how much time you're able to reasonably commit. We'd like to have you volunteer 5 hours/week. If that seems like something you can do, let us know. 

This position is volunteer, fyi. We wish we could pay, and perhaps that will become a reality in the future, but we all are working on a volunteer basis. 

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